Life Raft Servicing Providers in Mumbai

Marine India is one of the leading Life Raft Servicing Providers in Mumbai.

Why Do we need Life Raft Servicing ?

Life raft servicing involves the inspection, testing, and maintenance of life raft equipment to ensure it is safe and functional in case of an emergency at sea. This service is carried out by certified technicians who follow manufacturer's guidelines and international regulations.

What it Includes?

  • The life raft is thoroughly checked for signs of wear and tear, including any damages to the container, inflatable tube, and accessories such as paddles, oars, and emergency supplies. The technicians also examine the CO2 cylinders that inflate the raft to ensure they are not expired and function correctly.
  • The life raft is then inflated and tested to check for leaks and the proper functionality of all components. The technicians also check the emergency locator beacon and distress flares. Any necessary repairs or replacements are made, and the life raft is repacked and readied for use.
  • Life raft servicing is essential for ensuring the safety of those on board ships and other vessels. By maintaining and servicing life rafts regularly, they can be confident in its performance and reliability in case of an emergency.

Marine India is one of India's leading companies providing critical services to the marine industry, including life raft servicing. We emphasize the importance of maintaining life rafts in optimal working conditions to avoid potential accidents during emergencies.

We provide comprehensive life raft servicing for various makes and models, including emergency pack servicing, inflation system testing, and hydrostatic release unit testing. We offer services to clients across India, ensuring their life rafts are in compliance with international safety standards which makes us the most reputed Life Raft Servicing Providers in Mumbai.

Moreover, Marine India's team of certified professionals uses the latest tools and technologies to deliver efficient and reliable services. We are committed to delivering quality services to their clients and ensuring they can rely on their life-saving equipment.

In conclusion, Marine India is a reputable provider of life raft servicing in India, ensuring the safety of those working in the maritime industry.

We offer comprehensive services for all types of life rafts, including inflatable life rafts, throw-overboard life rafts, and davit-launched life rafts. Our team of experienced technicians is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure that your life raft is properly maintained and serviced.

Our life raft servicing includes visual inspections, inflation tests, pressure tests, leak tests, and repacking. We also provide certification and documentation for compliance with international regulations and standards. In addition to life raft servicing, we also offer other marine safety services such as firefighting equipment maintenance, immersion suits servicing, and EEBD servicing.

We understand the critical importance of life rafts in marine safety and strive to provide the highest quality services to our customers. Our state-of-the-art service facilities and expert technicians ensure that your life raft is always in excellent condition, ready to deploy in any emergency situation

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